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The Vision:
To be the benchmark institution providing holistic health sciences education that meets the health needs of the individual, the family, the community and the population.
The Mission: includes specific statements regarding research and innovation, which are to:
  • Provide high-quality primary health care-oriented health sciences research, education and services;
  • Promote interdisciplinary research, education and skills training that recognizes the cross-disciplinary nature of holistic health care provision;
  • Create an environment that supports innovation and harnesses the power of new technologies to address the health needs of the community.
SMU as the only Health Sciences University in South Africa is strategically positioned to focus on multidisciplinary health research that will provide solutions to ease the quadruple burden of disease facing the country.

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SMU Focus Areas/Niche
Alignment with national strategic priorities is important to ensure greater research impact and thus improve the strategic position of SMU nationally. The research activities at SMU are summarized within the following five focus (niche) areas:
  • Infectious diseases (drug-resistant TB, HIV/AIDS, human papillomavirus (HPV), viral hepatitis [HBV and hepatitis C virus], rotavirus and other diarrhoeal pathogens, vaccine preventable diseases, pharmacovigilance and pharmaco-epidemiology including studies on antibiotic resistance)
  • Women and Child Health (infant vaccination coverage, vaccine hesitancy, dyslipidaemia in HIV-infected children, preterm labour prevention, cervical cancer and gestational diabetes).
  • Non-communicable Diseases and Environmental health (cancers, phytomedicine, heart failure risks & biomarkers, food security, aquaculture & toxic pollutant studies, including nanopathology)
  • Mental health & Neurosciences (Tobacco control, substance abuse)
  • Health Sciences Education & Health Systems Research (including communication pathologies, minimal invasive surgery, studies on human resource for health, operations research and National Health Insurance).

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