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Neuroblastoma, a solid tumor arising from neural crest cells, accounts for over 15% of all pediatric cancer deaths. The interaction of neuroblastoma cancer-initiating cells with their microenvironment likely plays an integral role in the maintenance of resistant disease and tumor relapse. The relationship between tumor cells and noncancerous cells and proteins is referred to as the tumor microenvironment, and these components interact to each modulate the other. Thus, in this study we will investigate the interaction between neuroblastoma cancer-initiating cells and the elements of the tumor microenvironment and how these interactions may provide novel therapeutic targets for this difficult to treat disease. Moreover, we will study their secretome profiles by different omics approaches such as proteomic, metabolomic and transcriptomic analysis. Then the selection of a target will be done, which will be a range of biological entities such as proteins, RNA. The binding affinity between the drug (from drug database) and the target (protein, RNA) will be calculated In silico with molecular docking.
Period1 Aug 202110 Aug 2021
VisitingCentre for Proteomic and Genomic Research (CPGR)