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We are collaborating on branches of science known informally as omics, such as genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, metagenomics and transcriptomics. Our aim is do collective characterization and quantification of pools of biological molecules that translate into the structure, function, and dynamics of an organism or organisms.

We are involve in several project, namely:
1. Evaluating DNA metabarcoding and metabolomics to analyse diet composition of Arctocephalus pusillus, Lobodon carcinophagus and Mirounga angustirostris 2. Integration of Diaphoresis mapping and Gyroscope, Accelerometer 6-axis sensors for predicting the performance of South African footballers3. Spatiotemporal multi-omics mapping of histo-blood group antigens development4. Lipidomics, Proteomics and Metataxonomic Fingerprinting of lactation-related biofluids and their dynamic after postpartum period.5. Advancing of the transesterification process for Bio-renewable diesel production from sunflower and micro-algae6. The visualization and integration of multi-omics data of neuroblastoma cancer-initiating cells and the elements of the tumor microenvironment

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